Welcome to Tasmanian Native Timbers

Yes we are open to the public, and sell a variety of boards and slabs.

Figured Blackwood

We have a number of Blackwood logs in the yard that we are keen to slice up in the new year. If you want any particular size/s and can take it green off saw, let us know early January and we will get cutting.

Californian Redwood

During 2022 we acquired a large Californian Redwood log, six metres long and 1.5m to 1.8m wide. If you want a slab or two from that log, put in an order and we will get cutting that.

Tasmanian Oak

In our yard are a number of Tasmanian Oak logs (brown top stringy bark), up to 1.5m wide. If you are keen for a slab or two of those place your order.

Real Timber

Our business sells REAL TIMBER. Yes, the timber with all the features: knots, natural figure, natural edges on slabs, and may include grub and borer holes.

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*Opening Hours*

Monday-    Friday 9:00-4:30pm                       Saturday –  by appointment
Sunday –     Closed

Contact Yard Manager Nelson for any enquires Mobile 0406 910 148 

Quality Timber Sourced from the Heart of Tasmania.

Tasmanian Native Timbers offers quality timbers and Customer service.

Tasmanian Native Timbers specialise in the supply of rare Tasmanian timbers. Our timber features beautiful, striking colours, intricate figures and distinctive shapes – all uniquely Tasmanian.

The task of sourcing and sawmilling logs, sorting timber coupled with the kiln drying process of these Tasmanian Native Timbers, may result in brief supply shortages.  This may limit our ability to sometimes supply timber on demand.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Rob and Nelson milling a large dark Blackwood slab

Tasmanian Native Timbers are committed to the preservation and promotion of Tasmania’s unique environment.  As part of our commitment to the environment, we obtain our range of saw logs and craft logs from a variety of sources; private landholders and plantation owners. This allows us to mill logs that would be bypassed, destroyed, turned into pulp or used for firewood.

We buy Huon Pine from Sustainable Timbers Tasmania, but do not currently have a log allocation from them.

We assess each saw log individually, to maximise the amount of quality sawn timber recovered from each saw log.  The remaining timber left over from the milling process is turned into various high-value craft pieces.

Important Information

  • Do you know where your wood comes from? Wood poaching is still occurring in Tasmanian forests. We know our wood isn’t poached, do you? Buying from a reputable business like ours will ensure all log suppliers are paid for the supply of special species resources.
  • Currently a lot of people supplying fresh cut wood without advising customers that it is fresh cut and not immediately suitable for building furniture. We will always let you know if our wood is fresh cut, seasoned, air dried or kiln dried.

Our Location

Located in Elizabeth Town, we are a short 25 minutes drive from Devonport, and the closest Special Timbers Sawmill to the Spirit of Tasmania.

See our Contact page for Location Map.

Salvaged Huon Pine Log from Lake Pieman