Saw logs are cut using our Woodmizer Bandsaw. This enables us to minimise waste of high-value and rare timbers such as Huon Pine and Blackheart Sassafras, and to custom cut each log to maximum value.

We can offer custom sizes in the timber type you need for your special project, give us a call or email (details on contact page) for a competitive price.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to offer on-site sawmilling, and we don’t cut logs bought to us by customers. We are happy for you to choose from our own log stockpile and mill up to your requirements.

Generally we don’t stock Tasmanian Oak, but have a good local supplier with a wide variety of dressed dry timber.

Craft Wood & Slabs

We supply a wide range of Tasmanian Native Timber slabs and craft wood.

Our large shed is full of dry timber, we are also happy to supply green off the saw timber as well.