We specialise in the supply of fine quality, Tasmanian Native Timbers, including many minor species. Our timber is supplied just as nature presents it – beautiful colours, striking figuration and unique shapes.

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Myrtle, Blackheart Sassafras, Silver Wattle, Celery Top Pine, Blackwood, Huon Pine

The Tasmanian Native Timbers Selection


Tasmanian_BlackwoodTasmanian Blackwood

A high quality ornamental timber used for cabinet and furniture making, turning and panelling. The wood is hard and close grained with deep, dark colour and satiny lustre.

Celery_Top_PineCelery Top Pine

A pale straw coloured soft wood with fine grain. Traditionally used for boat building, joinery, bench tops, and flooring. Good for turning, especially spindle work. Finishes well.

Tasmanian_MyrtleTasmanian Myrtle

A beautiful red coloured timber, which is very strong and wears well. Its value for furniture and decorative work is well known. It works well and takes a fine polish. Striking fiddleback figure sometimes present.

Blackheart_SassafrasBlackheart Sassafras

A beautiful timber, regarded by many as an intermediate between softwood and hardwood. Timber shows attractive, dark coloured figuring known as “black heart”. It takes a beautiful polish. Each saw log has its own unique features, making each cut board a “one off” piece.

Cypress_MacrocarpaCypress Macrocarpa

A very good, versatile timber for boatbuilding, furniture, and joinery. Sapwood is creamy white, heart is amber in colour. Has fine texture and is durable for uses above ground.

Tasmanian_OakTasmanian Oak

A strong durable hardwood used in all classes of building, flooring and internal work. Has light colour and is well suited to finishing with stain to match existing timber work.

Houn_PineHuon Pine

Possibly the best known Tasmanian softwood, Huon Pine has a unique odour which is caused by its oil. Excellent for craft and boat building, it works very well and finishes beautifully.

Sliver_WattleSilver Wattle

Silver Wattle is a striking light brown to subtle pink timber whose obvious growth rings create an appealing and attractive figure. Closely related to Blackwood, Silver Wattle provides a counterpoint to this widely used but darker species.